JULY 21&22,  2014

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District Two

District 2 State Allocation Spots

Boys’ spots are allocated based on the number of active participants in sub-district events.  Girls’ spots are based primarily on the average scores posted in sub-district play statewide

Boys 16-17 - 14              Girls 16-17 - 4   

Boys 14-15 - 12              Girls 14-15 - 5

Boys 12-13 - 7                Girls 12-13 - 1

Boys 8-11 - 6                  Girls 8-11 - 3


General Tee Information:

Boys 14-17 6000-6700 yards
Boys 12-13 5700-6000 yards
Girls 14-17 5100-5700 yards
Girls 12-13 4800-5100 yards
All 8-11 year old play 2400-2550 yards

NOTES ON West Seattle June 26th 2014

Thank you to all the players and parent volunteers that made our first Sub District of 2014 a good one.
A big thanks to Tyler Johnsen, our Executive Director of WJGA, for coming out to help me on my first tournament. Thanks to the new Rules Officials who came out to help, Margaret, Joe, Howie and Dave. Please remember to thank them for their time.

The traditional Seattle June weather made West Seattle a nice challenge. Just a bit of rain in the late morning and some gusty winds but all in all a nice day.
Pace of play…I had so many players say “this is the fastest tournament round I’ve ever played in!” and they might be right. All groups completing their rounds in +/- 4 hours on the nose was terrific! Very proud of all of you.

For every WJGA event, PLEASE – no distance measuring devices are allowed. Thank you!

A couple of reminders.
There is absolutely no coaching or caddying of any kind. If you come out to watch your child compete, please allow them the space to do so. Try to observe from the landing areas of shots – this can help pace by identifying any errant shots…

Please be at the first tee 10 minutes BEFORE your tee time…we had many players on the practice green right up until their tee time. We don’t want to have to chase you down to get you there on time.

Next, If you are assigned to be a walking scorer, you are there only to count strokes and confirm with players after each hole. Allow the players to work with each other without much interaction from the scorer. We’re just trying to help them keep track but want to encourage the players managing their own game. Thank you.

Lastly, if you placed and weren’t able to stay to pick up your medals, please find me before your next event and I’ll get you yours. It is good sportmanship to stick around for the award ceremony - even if you didn't get a medal. 

Brady McMullin
Casey McMullin


Welcome junior golfers and families to the 2014 WJGA Season!  We are looking forward to seeing our returning players and meeting our new crop of junior golfers.

My name is Brady McMullin and I’ll be moving up from Co-Director to Tournament Director. I’m excited for my first season as Director. First, I would like to thank Larry Weiss for all his help and dedication to WJGA over the years. I’m hoping Larry has some time to come out and help, he says he will...I’m thinking he can’t stay away. If you see him, thank him.

I’m quite lucky to have enlisted the help of my brother, Casey McMullin to be the Co-Director. With two fairly new Directors at the helm, we’ll need your help (as always) to run our tournaments smoothly and successfully, so please be available to volunteer when available –besides, it’s fun!

Parents and players need to carefully read the Code of Conduct
(click here)

Players are expected to be able to play golf independently; parents cannot give any advice to a player during the round. Caddies are not allowed at any time.

Players are expected to know the basic Rules of Golf

Players and spectators are expected to follow the WJGA dress code. Refer to the Code of Conduct for the definition of proper attire. Please Do NOT arrive at any WJGA event wearing athletic shorts, short shorts, tee shirts, tank tops, jeans (denim of any color), cut-offs, sweats, spandex, yoga attire or halter tops. We will have to ask you to change, and we really hate being put in that situation.

Walking Scorer Assignments:
ALL players 13 and under are required to provide a walking scorer for at least two of the tournaments in which a player is entered. As walking scorer, you will not be making any rules decisions; your job is to keep the players moving, keep accurate score and keep everyone safe. You will not be paired with your child’s group. You will be carrying a radio to contact rules officials if you have any questions. If you are unable to be a walking scorer when you have been assigned then it will be your responsibility to get a substitute to cover your walking scorer duty. Failure to show for your assigned duty will result in your child not being able to play. We make every effort to assign you to the days you request during registration, and we ask you to thoughtfully consider the best dates for you to commit.

Withdrawal from a tournament: – If a player gives notice to the tournament director (never the golf course) more than 48 hours prior to the first tee time of the tournament, there is no penalty for withdrawal. Withdrawal LESS THAN 48 hours to the tournament director will result in player being DISQUALIFIED from the next WJGA event in which the player is entered, including WJGA District, or State. “Pick-up” (Quit) without permission of the Tournament Director, before play has officially ended, results in the player being DISQUALIFIED (USGA 6-8a) and is automatically suspended from the next WJGA event in which the player is entered including WJGA District, State or the Jr. World State Qualifier. This applies to a “NO SHOW” as well.

Pace of Play---Pace of Play, Pace of Play!

PLEASE STAY "IN POSITION" WITH THE GROUP AHEAD OF YOU: With the size of the fields, we cannot afford to play slow. Groups must stay in position with the group ahead of them at all times. WALK FAST, WALK LIKE AN ATHLETE! Another way to maintain position and avoid slow play penalties is to walk fast. Be ready to hit your shot when it’s your turn. Play like an athlete! Thank you!

REMEMBER, IF YOU PUTT OUT FIRST, YOU HAVE "HONORS" ON THE NEXT TEE BOX AND YOU SHOULD WALK TO THE NEXT TEE IMMEDIATELY AFTER PUTTING OUT. Please, also have your bag on the next tee side of the putting green. This helps a lot. Do this, even when you feel like you're "in position" - do it on every hole. Thank you.

IF YOU HAVE A SPECTATOR, PLEASE REMIND THEM TO "FORECADDIE": This just means that spectators are watching from near the landing area of the shot NOT near the player. This helps pace of play as well. Spectators, please forecaddie. Thank you.

PLEASE TAKE GOOD CARE OF ANY GOLF COURSE YOU'RE ON: Repair ball marks, fill in divots, smooth out bunkers. Leave each course you play in better condition than you found it! Just like pace of play, its part of the game! Thank you.

Electronic distance measuring devices are NOT allowed: Including phone apps - cell phones may not be used for calls, texting, browsing, etc.

We get asked all the time about the tees we’ll play. Generally…All girls and 8-11 boys play the forward tees (red equivalents) Boys 12-13 play the middle tees (white equivalents) Boys 14-17 play the back tees (blue equivalent)


In addition to the four sub-district tournaments, we have a two-day district championship to be played at Jefferson Park on July 21-22nd for qualified players. To advance to the District Championship you must place in at least one sub-district event (and meet the scoring guidelines for your age division) as follows:

Boys 16-17 finish in top 12             Girls 16-17 finish in the top 6
Boys 14-15 finish in the top 12       Girls 14-15 finish in the top 5
Boys 12-13 finish in the top 7         Girls 12-13 finish in the top 4
Boys 8-11 finish in the top 6            Girls 8-11 finish in the top 4

Tee Time Information

Tee times will be posted on the District 2 page of the WJGA website at least 48 hours prior to the event. Pairings cannot be changed once the tee times are posted. Pairings cannot be requested. Please don’t ask to be paired with your friends. All players should arrive at the course and check-in AT LEAST 30 minutes prior to their posted tee time. All players in the 12-17 age divisions play 18 holes, while players age 8-11 play 9 holes.

Sub-District #1           West Seattle GC, Seattle                           Thursday, June 26, 2014
Food service available Chipping and putting areas available –No Driving range Practice Rounds: Please call the pro shop to schedule Tee information: To be announced later this spring.

Sub District #2           Snoqualmie Falls GC – Fall City                Wednesday, July 2, 2014
Restaurant available Driving Range is there but not part of the course, Cash only. Chipping and putting areas available Practice Rounds: Please call the pro shop to schedule Tee information: To be announced.

Sub District #3           Nile G&CC - Mountlake Terrace                 Monday, July 7, 2014
Restaurant available Putting & chipping area available. Practice Rounds: Please call the pro shop to schedule Tee information: To be announced.

Sub District #4           Willows Run, Coyote Creek -Redmond      Monday, July 14, 2014
Driving Range, chipping and putting areas available Practice Rounds: Please call the pro shop to schedule Tee information: To be announced

District Championship (For players that qualified)
Jefferson Park GC - Seattle                                                       Mon/Tues., July 21-22, 2014
Please be advised that the Clubhouse, chipping/putting greens and driving range are under construction at this time. I can’t guarantee any practice facilities however they do have food & beverage on site.

Please contact the pro shop for practice rounds.

This is a two day tournament. Players are trying to qualify for the State Championship which will be held August 6 -8 in Spokane. See web site for more details.

Please be a good playing partner with whomever you’re paired. Very few remember what score you shoot, but they remember how you conduct yourself on the course. Finally, please remember to thank all the people involved in running your tournament.

Thanks for reading and we’re looking forward to a great competitive season.