District 5

District 5 welcomes our parents and players to the 2020 season!

We are excited to welcome our new and returning players to our 2020 season. This year WJGA’s State tournament will be held in Spokane on August 5-7, with Manito GCC hosting, and Hangman Valley GC and Esmeralda GC assisting. We

District 5 Players at the 2019 District Championship at Palouse Ridge GC.

are looking forward to having our best players there to represent District 5!

Important: Events open to all of our statewide players will be available for sign up at registration on March 2nd. These events provide opportunities for competitive players to earn points for AJGA events, the America’s Cup Teams, as well as, the Hogan Cup Team. Please sign up early for these events if you are interested, as they may not be available once the field is full. Many of these events are filled within hours/days after registration opens.

Regarding our District tournament, we have made arrangements for our host hotel for Districts to be at the Residence Inn Marriott which is located in Pullman, close to the Palouse Ridge Golf Course. If you plan to stay there, be sure to mention that you are a WJGA participant as we have negotiated a special rate for our group. Our district tournament which is a two-day tournament will be held on Monday and Tuesday, July 20-21, 2020.

If your child is in the 8-11 and 12-13 age groups, we are requiring parents to be walking scorers for one of the two days at our District tournament that is held in Pullman at Palouse Ridge Golf Course.

As always, we need your assistance to make this an awesome year.   Please read the rules and responsibilities for both players and parents, along with any current changes in WJGA policies. And, be sure to read the player and gallery rules, dress code, and tournament withdrawal and refund information carefully. This website was designed specifically with you in mind and hopefully, will be a valuable resource for available tournaments, tee times, points, and registration.

If you are a parent with player(s) in the 8-11 or 12-13 age divisions, it is important that you read the walking scorer information on the next page. This outlines our District’s requirements for your child to participate in District 5. We are fortunate to have a volunteer, Cyndi Kelly, who schedules walking scorers each week!

We are looking forward to another great season with our outstanding group of young people. It is always our pleasure to spend part of the summer with them, and what better sport than golf to have fun in.


Allen and Karen Hatley

**IMPORTANT** - Walking Scorer Policy


Parents of 8- to 13-year old golfers

Without our parent volunteers, we would not be able to have a program that runs smoothly. All 8-11 and 12-13 age divisions require walking scorers. This is done to assist the juniors in making sure their scores are accurate. They are required to keep their own scores as well. Here are some items you should be aware of:

  1. Cyndi Kelly will be organizing all of the walking scorers. If you need to change the dates you scheduled yourself for at registration you can contact her at (509) 290-1671 or you can email her at cyndijkelly@yahoo.com .
  2. As a parent, you are required to walk twice during the season or to find a substitute to replace you. If for any reason you find that you cannot make it to the tournament that you are assigned to, you are responsible to find your own walking scorer replacement. Please call Cyndi directly to let her know who your replacement will be so that there will be a smooth transition.

***WJGA reserves the right to deny any player from participating in a tournament, if this requirement cannot be met. We personally ask everyone to do their share of the scoring. It will allow every parent to have an opportunity to watch their children play in some of the events. Thank you again on behalf of all of us.

  1. If you have taken specific days off from work to score, please call Cyndi with that information ASAP to ensure she assigns you for those days.
  2. You will not be assigned to the group with your child.
  3. Walking scorers’ assignments will be posted ONLINE. Parents will be responsible for checking for their assigned dates and times. You are asked to check in with Cyndi Kelly one-half hour prior to your assigned scoring time. Every group needs a walking scorer for your child to play so please be diligent in checking your scoring assignments dates ONLINE.

Policies to be Aware of

Refund policy – All refund requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and should be submitted by email to the Tournament Director. Refunds because of scheduling conflicts will only be allowed until May 31st, and when granted will be subject to a $10 administration fee for Sub-District events and $20 administration fee for all other events. No refunds will be issued within 1 week of any tournament date.

Important Player and Gallery Rules

Parents and players need to carefully read the Code of Conduct found HERE.

Players are expected to be able to play golf independently; parents cannot give any advice to a player during the round. Caddies are not allowed at any time. Players are expected to know the basic Rules of Golf.

Qualifying for District information

Qualifying for Your District Championship

To qualify for your district championship, you must place (plus ties) in at least one sub-district event as follows:

Boys 16-18 score in the top 13
Girls 16-18 score in the top 7
Boys 14-15 score in the top 12
Girls 14-15 score in the top 5
Boys 12-13 score in the top 7
Girls 12-13 score in the top 4
Boys 8-11 score in the top 6
Girls 8-11 score in the top 4

(In addition – all players must meet scoring guideline to
advance to the District Championship)
Boys 16-18       85           Boys 14-15       90
Boys 12-13       100        Boys 8-11         60 (9 holes)
Girls 16-18        100       Girls 14-15        105
Girls 12-13        115        Girls 8-11          75 (9 holes)

Tee Times Details

Tee times will be posted on the District 5 Tee Times page of the WJGA website at least 48 hours prior to the event. Pairings cannot be changed once the tee times are posted. Pairings cannot be requested. Please don’t ask to be paired with your friends. All players should arrive at the course and check-in AT LEAST 30 minutes prior to their posted tee time. All players in the 12-18 age divisions play 18 holes, while players age 8-11 play 9 holes.


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