2020 District Six Tournaments

Events Course  Day Date 
SD1 Allenmore GC canceled
SD2 Rainier G&CC canceled
SD3 North Shore GC canceled
SD4 Auburn GC canceled
District High Cedars GC Wed/Thurs July 22/23

District Championship High Cedars GC 
360-893-3171, Orting. Wed/Thurs July 22/23, 2020

State Spots

Boys 16-18 – Spots: 11
Boys 14-15 – Spots: 11
Boys 12-13 – Spots: 4
Boys 8-11 – Spots: 5
Girls 16-18 – Spots: 5
Girls 14-15 – Spots: 4
Girls 12-13 – Spots: 2
Girls 8-11 – Spots: 3

COVID19 document please read

Please read very carefully as things may change due to covid-19, check High Cedars web site & WJGA web site the middle of July for any golf course changes due to Governor mandates.

Dear Player & Parent/Guardian,

The following information is critical for your success in the District Championship. The normal procedures and protocol for this tournament are different so please be aware that with

Covid-19 WJGA as well as High Cedars GC have strict regulations that we must follow.

Social distancing and face coverings where appropriate will be in place. We encourage everyone to arrive only 60 minutes prior to playing, spend minimum warm-up time and be at the tee area 15 minutes prior to the assigned tee time. Leaving after the player has finished scoring. No practice after the round.

There will not be a scoreboard posted on site, results will be posted on-line ( Qualifiers will be able to see if they qualified on-line. Adhere to the deadline for State registration.

Wednesday/Thursday July 22/23 2020


Tournament Tee Times: Both Days

Ages 12-18 Start on #10 7:30 AM

Ages 8-11 Start on #1 7:30 AM

Pairings/Tee Times for Day 1 will be the same for Day 2

Pairings/Tee times will be posted on-line the week of July 13, 2020.

Approximate Tee/Yardage information:

Boys 14-18 = Blue (6647)
Boys 12-13 = Gold (5579)
Boys 8-11 = Red #10 (2663)
Girls 14-18 = Gold (5579)
Girls 12-13 = Red (5295)
Girls 8-11 = Red #10 (2663)

Arrival Time/Warm-Up

Covid-19 regulations:

Arrive 60 minutes prior to starting.

Practice range/putting green limit warm up to 15 minutes at each area.

Observe social distance and players only in these areas.

Equipment Information

Due to Covid-19 players will need to bring ball markers, tees, repair tools & pencils as these will not be available at the starting hole. Have golf balls marked with personal mark prior to arriving at the course, sharpies will not be available.


Players must not touch or remove the flagstick at any time. Touching or removing the flagstick is a violation of our updated code of conduct policy and may result in a penalty.


Bunker rakes will be removed from the golf course. If they are not removed, please do not touch any rake. Modified preferred lies in the bunker, Lift, Clean, & Drop (knee height) in the same bunker, within 1 club-length of the original spot, no nearer the hole. Please smooth sand with your feet.

Ages 8-13-year-old players

Players will play in groups of 3, every player is required to have their parent/guardian as a walking scorer for both days, regardless of having siblings in the same age group. Please make your arrangements to satisfy this requirement. Parents are not to caddy or give advice to their child, only act as a scorer for a competitor in the group and ensure social distance is observed at all times.

Spectator Guidelines

Not allowed to interact with a player.

Maintain proper social distance of at least 6 feet from everyone except for same household. It is recommended that spectators 65 years of age or older, or spectators with pre-existing health conditions carefully consider their participation in the event.

Rented Handicap carts only allowed with a handicap placard in the event a spectator needs one.


There will not be a formal awards ceremony.

Trophies will be mailed.

Follow results on-line to determine if you qualify for State. A cut line will be on-line.

For any ties for final qualifying spot(s) a scorecard playoff will determine the winner using USGA retrogression.

Ties for 1st place will be declared co-champions and a duplicate trophy will be mailed.

Scoring at the end of the round

Players will read aloud their scores to Rules Official and then the Rules Official will re-read the score to verify. Players paying attention to this last procedure will be critical. Signatures on the scorecard will not be obtained, verbal agreement will be substituted.

Food/Water/Bathroom information

There will NOT BE water on the course, ball washers not operational, bathrooms on the course closed. Bring your own water, snacks.

Bathrooms outside clubhouse are open.

Walk up dining only.

Please do not plan on eating in the outside pavilion as that will only encourage social interaction, that area will be for scoring only.

This is a two day tournament. Players are trying to qualify for the State Championship which will be held August 5 – 7 at Manito G&CC in Spokane.

District 6 State Allocations:

Boys 16-18 – Spots: 11
Boys 14-15 – Spots: 11
Boys 12-13 – Spots: 4
Boys 8-11 – Spots: 5
Girls 16-18 – Spots: 5
Girls 14-15 – Spots: 4
Girls 12-13 – Spots: 2
Girls 8-11 – Spots: 3

State Championship Manito G&CC

State Championship at Manito G&CC:

more State details