Evans Scholarship    

The Evans Scholarship, named after Chick Evans, a legendary amateur golfer from the Chicago area where the Western Golf Association is located, is a nation-wide scholarship program, is awarded by the Western Golf Association, and is administered by the Washington State Golf Association in Washington.

The Trust Agreement under which Evans Scholars Foundation operates specifies that the candidate must be a qualified caddie. This requires that he/she has been a full-time caddie on a regular basis for a minimum of two summers. The student must be:

1. Be trained and certified as a caddie

2. Caddies a minimum of 25 loops per year

In clubs which do not have a caddie program, the candidate must get caddie training from the Golf Professional who will arrange for him or her to caddie a minimum of 25 loops per year. Students are encouraged to volunteer to caddie for members if it will help get the required rounds needed for a scholarship; it will pay off in the future with a scholarship!

In addition, he/she must demonstrate financial need, have completed their junior year in high school, rank in the upper 25% of his/her class, have outstanding personal character and be recommended by at least four club officials.

Applications should be submitted as soon as possible after July 1st, but before October 1st following the junior year in high school. The SAT test may be taken in May or June of the junior year in high school, or by November of the senior year at the latest, and request that scores be sent to Evans Scholars Foundation (Code 0153), Golf, Illinois 60029.

Contact your local golf professional who can help you map out a program that entails caddying as much as possible and other related duties at the club. It is recommended that all interested persons get involved at an early age, around 12 to 14 years old.

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