2021 Girls’ Junior Americas Cup

2021 Girls’ Junior Americas Cup
Authored by Tyler Johnsen with Comments Off on 2021 Girls’ Junior Americas Cup| Junior Golf

This week Claire Xu, Grace Lee, Amber Li and Suzie Tran will represent Washington in the 2021 Girls’ Junior Americas Cup (GJAC) being played at Banbury GC in Eagle, Idaho.

2021 GJAC Team, Claire Xu, Amber Li, Grace Lee, Suzie Tran and Captain Patty Curtiss

The GJAC is a non-profit organization that brings girls together from various states and countries fostering new friendships and mutual respect. These golfers exemplify not only outstanding skill and experience, but also true sportsmanship, discipline, courtesy and strength of character.

The GJAC was established in 1978 under the leadership of Joan Teats from the state of Washington.

Each team consists of the top four girls from each state/country. The tournament is a 54-hole competition with teams counting three scores and throwing out the team’s highest score. The event also includes a practice round, opening and closing ceremonies, a tournament banquet and a social event. Being chosen to represent your state/country to play in the Girls Junior America’s Cup is one of the highest honors in girls’ junior golf.

Follow live scoring for the event this week here.