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Junior Golf in 2020

What to Expect This Summer
By: Dr. Katie Brophy Miles of Golf Globally
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Golf is back! ​It’s so exciting that golf at the local and national level is picking back up. The WJGA has implemented rules and procedures to ensure the safety of participants and spectators. To give you an idea of what to expect from college coaches this summer, here is a rundown of the NCAA rules and key recruiting dates.

What are the rules?​ At the date of this writing (June 12th), NCAA Division I coaches are in a “Dead Period”. During a Dead Period, coaches are prohibited from recruiting or working camps with prospective student-athletes. The Dead Period is in effect through August 1st. Division II coaches are in a “Quiet Period” which means that they can’t recruit, but they can work or host camps. Many Division III universities have conference and institutional travel restrictions until July 1st or August 1st. NAIA and NJCAA coaches can recruit and work camps; however, it’s a college-by-college decision to allow recruitment based on state and local restrictions.

Will I see coaches at tournaments?

NCAA Division I & II: Not until August. Some coaches have gotten around this rule by participating in state amateur tournaments if they retained their amateur status. NCAA Division III: Maybe. Some athletics conferences are in a dead period until July 1st. You may see coaches in July if their conferences allow it.

NJCAA: Maybe.
NAIA: Maybe.
The NCAA will make a statement in the end of June about the current Division I Dead Period and if it will be extended past July 31st.

How can I still get recruited?​ Coaches are still recruiting, and you must be proactive! Coaches are watching your scores online, speaking to your PGA and LPGA professionals, and trying to learn more about you. Update coaches regularly via email or text. Give them a call from time to time if they’ve given you their number. Coaches can respond if you are of recruitable age (after June 15th following your sophomore year for Division I and II, any age for Division III).

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What factors should I consider in my college search? ​While it’s tempting to go for the big, brand name schools that everyone is targeting, your college search should be unique to YOU. So ask yourself what you want from a university from an academic, athletic, and personal perspective. Consider the following aspects: l​ocation, part of the country, size of school, weather, campus setting, preferred major/area of study, and career aspirations. Look at Division I, II, III, NAIA, or NJCAA options based on your qualifications.

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