District 1

Welcome to 2021

Please See WJGA’s COVID-19 Statement


The engine that drives WJGA! District One Volunteer rules officials and Directors!  L to R: Craig Koznek, Doug Goldie, Pam Rachor, Dave White, Mark Rachor, Bryan Smith and Doug Nordstrom

Welcome to District 1

This season, I am excited to continue the outstanding work of Pam and Mark Rachor as your new tournament director. It’ll be a great season with subdistrict tournaments at Snohomish Golf Course, Everett Golf and Country Club, Battle Creek Golf Course and Bellingham Golf and Country Club. Our district tournament will be at Whidbey Golf Club.

Check out WJGA’s state open events and, for the first time for our 8- to 13-year-old players, junior open events. Also, coming from last year’s success, WJGA will again be holding the State Team Championship for our high school players.

See the 2021 Schedule for more details.  Registration for events opens March 1st, at 9:00am.

Please take the time to read the Player and Gallery Rules, Walking Scorer Policies, District Qualifying Information, Refund Policy and Tee Times in the tabs below.

For returning players and parents, help us grow the game by letting your friends and relatives know about the WJGA. District 1 almost always has available spots in its subdistrict tournaments and is always in need of parent volunteers.

For new players and parents, Join the WJGA introduces you to membership requirements and the steps to join. If you have questions or need guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out and contact me.

Again, welcome.

With your help, this year will be a successful, safe and competitive season for all.

Mike Leonen

Player and Gallery Rules

WJGA Code of Conduct – it is your responsibility to read and understand.

Walking Scorer Policy


PARENTS of PLAYERS AGES 8-13 MUST BE (or provide/delegate)
A WALKING SCORER (16 yrs or older) in every round/event in which the player is participating.  
Players may be asked to withdraw if no walking scorer is provided.

District Qualifying Information

To qualify for your district championship, you must place (plus ties) in at least one sub-district event as follows:

Boys 16-18 score in the top 13
Girls 16-18 score in the top 7
Boys 14-15 score in the top 12
Girls 14-15 score in the top 5
Boys 12-13 score in the top 7
Girls 12-13 score in the top 4
Boys 8-11 score in the top 6
Girls 8-11 score in the top 4

(In addition – all players must meet scoring guideline to
advance to the District Championship)
Boys 16-18       85           Boys 14-15       90
Boys 12-13       100         Boys 8-11         60 (9 holes)
Girls 16-18        100       Girls 14-15        105
Girls 12-13        115        Girls 8-11          75 (9 holes)

Refund Policy

Refund policy – All refund requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and should be submitted by email to the Tournament Director. Refunds because of scheduling conflicts will only be allowed until May 31st, and when granted will be subject to a $10 administration fee for Sub-District events and $20 administration fee for all other events. No refunds will be issued within 1 week of any tournament date.

Tee Times Details

Tee times will be posted on the District 1 Tee Times page of the WJGA website at least 48 hours prior to the event. Pairings cannot be changed once the tee times are posted. Pairings cannot be requested. Please don’t ask to be paired with your friends. All players should arrive at the course and check-in AT LEAST 30 minutes prior to their posted tee time. All players in the 12-18 age divisions play 18 holes, while players age 8-11 play 9 holes.


See who is playing in each of my events here!

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