WAIT LIST – if you are on the wait list, don’t panic!  Typically there are 25+ withdrawals before the tournament season begins in June.  There is still a good chance you will get in to the tournament!  If you would rather “transfer” to another neighboring district, that is fine too, just give us a call.  253-564-0348.

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Welcome to WJGA!

2022 marks the 46th year of WJGA. When you have time, check out the alumni page where we show some of our alumni on various professional golf tours. Golf is a wonderful sport that will teach you many life values, give you a lifetime activity to enjoy and grow lasting friendships that you will always have. In this sport, there are times when you will face adversity. Impatience and frustration will be your challenge. At WJGA, we ask you to meet that challenge head on and resist the temptation to display anger in any way whatsoever. We expect our players to behave like respectful young ladies and gentlemen. Be a good sport in all ways, shake hands at the end of your tournaments, and always take care of the golf course replacing divots and raking bunkers, etc!  It means so much to our volunteers to have a kind “thank you” as well. Enjoy your time with us, have fun and do your best!!!