District 6

The following information may help to make your tournament experience more successful. Due to the COVID 19 virus and the various school schedules and snow make up days please check your last day of school prior to registration. Know your schedule before signing up for tournaments. We encourage new players and parents to call us to answer any questions you might have.  It can be very helpful for us to talk with you prior to your tournament play experience. Call Jennifer or Jim 253-939-3008.

Dress Code Information

If we play on a private country club that has a strict dress code for players and gallery, it is your responsibility to observe the WJGA Dress Code  Note: Denim, athletic leisure suits, spandex and short skirts/shorts will not be allowed as an example plus additional dress requirements. Players and gallery not meeting the country club dress code will not be allowed on the course or club site. Thanks for taking the time to be informed and aware.

Tee times will be posted 48 hours prior to the event, check the web site. Every player will have an assigned tee time

  • Pairings cannot be changed once tee times are posted.
  • Plan on 5 hours to complete the round.
  • Caddies are not allowed. Spectator carts not allowed, handicap exceptions.
  • Spectators under 5 years of age not allowed, please make other arrangements for young children
  • Walking scorers must score without young children in tow..

Jennifer & Jim von Doehren

Refund Policy

Refund policy – All refund requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and should be submitted by email to the Tournament Director. Refunds because of scheduling conflicts will only be allowed until May 31st, and when granted will be subject to a $10 administration fee for Sub-District events and $20 administration fee for all other events. No refunds will be issued within 1 week of any tournament date.

Important Player and Gallery Rules

Parents and players need to carefully read the Code of Conduct found HERE.

Players are expected to be able to play golf independently; parents cannot give any advice to a player during the round. Caddies are not allowed at any time. Players are expected to know the basic Rules of Golf.

Qualifying for District information

Qualifying for Your District Championship

To qualify for your district championship, you must place (plus ties) in at least one sub-district event as follows:
Boys 16-18 score in the top 13
Girls 16-18 score in the top 7
Boys 14-15 score in the top 12
Girls 14-15 score in the top 6
Boys 12-13 score in the top 7
Girls 12-13 score in the top 5
Boys 8-11 score in the top 6
Girls 8-11 score in the top 4

(In addition – all players must meet the new District Championship scoring guidelines to

16-18 14-15 12-13 8-11
Boys 82 87 97 57*
Girls 97 102 112 72*
*8-11 score based on 9 holes, played from forward tees on a regulation golf course
Walking Scorer Policy

Walking Scorer Policy

PARENTS of PLAYERS AGES 8-13 MUST BE (or provide/delegate) A WALKING SCORER (16 yrs or older) in every round/event in which the player participates. Walking Scorer assignments will be posted on the tee sheet when tee times are posted online.

Players may be asked to withdraw if no walking scorer is provided.

District Championship Tee/Yardage Information

High Cedars GC

Boys 14-18 =
Boys 12-13 =
Boys 8-11 =
Girls 14-18 =
Girls 12-13 =
Girls 8-11 =

Tee Times Details

Tee times will be posted on the District 6 Tee Times page of the WJGA website at least 48 hours prior to the event. Pairings cannot be changed once the tee times are posted. Pairings cannot be requested. Please don’t ask to be paired with your friends. All players should arrive at the course and check-in AT LEAST 30 minutes prior to their posted tee time. All players in the 12-18 age divisions play 18 holes, while players age 8-11 play 9 holes.


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