Golf Globally Newsletter – Finding the Right Fit

Golf Globally Newsletter – Finding the Right Fit
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Finding the Right Fit
By: Dr. Katie Brophy Miles of Golf Globally
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Be Proactive I encourage junior golfers and families to have a discussion or two about what you’d like the college golf experience to look like for your family.

Keep the End in Mind One of the biggest mistakes I come across with families is those who direct their college search based on the team’s current ranking or how much they like the coach. Those are important considerations, but there is much more to think about. Prioritize your search based on your academic, athletic, and personal goals. All three of these factors together should contribute to your decision-making process. Since each junior golfer is unique, what is important to one person will likely not transfer to the other players in your foursome or even your high school teammates.

Academics What universities will challenge you academically, and which universities will serve as the foundation for you to achieve your scholastic dreams? What do you want to study, and will the coach be supportive of your academic endeavors. It breaks my heart when I hear about students who are told that they can’t major in certain things when they get to campus. It’s best to have these discussions up front to learn if a pre-med or engineering major will be feasible with golf practice.

Athletics What type of golf team can you play on, and what type of coach will create an environment for your success as a player? Everyone wants to play for a Pac-12 school, but is that the best decision for YOU? Will you make the lineup, or will you sit on the bench? If you missed our November article, check out these scoring averages to see what it takes to make the lineup on various college teams. To some players, the university logo on the bag is the most important part of this decision and playing time isn’t a determining factor. Remember that coaches are usually recruiting players who will contribute and make the lineup so there could be a reason that coaches at your dream schools aren’t emailing you back.

Personal What are your goals after college, and what type of experience will foster the growth necessary for you to get there? In what part of the country would you like to live after college? Do you aspire for a career in investment banking on Wall Street, or do you get excited by the prospect of a tech job here in the Silicon Valley? Where you decide to go to school will play a vital role in setting you up for internships and full-time positions upon graduation. Make sure to investigate major opportunities and what type of career support is available on campus–particularly within your chosen major.

Bonus Round: Coaching Staff It’s good to ask yourself, “Will I like this school and stay on this team if the coach leaves for a different job tomorrow?” If you have been talking to a coach for a while, you can ask them their long-term plans for the program and try to assess whether they will be there by the time you will get to campus. There are some fabulous coaches out there who will push you to achieve your goals. Throughout the recruiting process, it’s your job to figure out which coaches you gel with and those who you think would be better suited to coach someone else. Remember to be polite and respectful to everyone, particularly if you are not interested in a school. You never know where coaches may end up. I have a 2022 student of mine who had been talking to a Division III coach who she was interested in playing for because she liked her so much. Fast forward a few months later, and that coach is now coaching at a Division I school. Those conversations just got a lot more interesting since that young lady’s goal is to play Division I golf.

School Pride As a coach, I always looked for students who were passionate about my school—students who wanted to wear the logo and represent the university with pride. At the end of the day, you want to love where you go to school. Be sure to select the university golf program for the right reasons!

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Golf Globally, LLC is a Seattle-based college placement company. After 11 years coaching NCAA Division I Women’s Golf, Dr. Katie Brophy Miles founded Golf Globally to simplify the recruiting process for families. She constantly stresses finding the right college fit academically,
athletically, and personally. Katie has helped international students from 15 countries and all over the United States. Contact Katie ( or 202.674.9222) if you have additional questions about playing college golf.