The American College Guide

The American College Golf Guide contains vital help for junior golfers who want to continue their golf career at the collegiate level. It includes information on every scholarship and non-scholarship golf program in the U.S. (more than 1,200 colleges and community colleges), and it answers the questions facing college-bound students on subjects including:

  • Taking advantage of the numerous opportunities for both men and women to play college golf.
  • Understanding recruiting guidelines, entrance and eligibility requirements, letters of intent and scholarships.
  • Learning about new NCAA regulations and their effect on prospective and current student-athletes.
  • Planning your high school career to ensure adequate preparation for college testing, counseling and timely application.
  • Matching yourself athletically and academically to one or more schools.
  • Maximizing your exposure to college coaches.
  • Preparing your golf resume and promoting yourself if you are not recruited.
  • Handling interviews and meetings with coaches.
  • Knowing the importance of the campus visit.
  • Qualifying for financial aid.
  • Preparing to enjoy your college golf experience no matter what level of competition you seek.