State Match Play Tuesday, March 5th
WJGA Western Open Sunday, March 17th
Jr. Western Open
Sunday, April 7th
WJGA Eastern Open Sunday, March 24th
Jr. Players Open
Sunday, April 14th
Jr. World Qualifier Sunday, March 31st
WJGA Players Open  Sunday, March 31st 
Jr. Eastern Open
Sunday, May 5th
WJGA Joel Dahmen Invitational
Monday, June 3rd
Monday, June 10th
WJGA District Championship The day following your final sub district event at noon.
WJGA State Championship The day following your District Championship at noon.
WJGA Sub District Events

Entry into all sub district events are on a first come, first serve basis.   Field sizes are limited to 120-140 players.
District One – one week ahead of events at 11:59pm
District Two – not applicable
District Three – one week ahead of events at 11:59pm
District Four – one week ahead of events at 11:59pm
District Five – one week ahead of events at 11:59pm
District Six – not applicable

WJGA District Championship

Deadline for entry into the WJGA DISTRICT CHAMPIONSHIP is the day following the final sub district event in your district.

WJGA State Championship

Entry deadline into the WJGA State Championship is 12 noon the day following your District Championship.

IMG Academy Junior World National Event

Deadline for entry in the Junior World national event for 14 year olds and younger is in early March, 2024. Contact the local Junior World office in  San Diego for details at 619-280-8505, or visit their website at