State Exemptions

To earn a State Championship exemption, boys & girls must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Top-5 from previous year’s points list
  • Current year overall champion at the Western, Eastern or Players Open
  • Previous year’s overall boys and girls state champions
  • Qualify to play in the current year USGA Jr. Amateur

The following players are exempt into THE 2021 STATE CHAMPIONSHIP if they so choose.

All exempt players must play in at least one Sub-District event to be eligible to use their exemption.

Note: The WJGA may, in unique circumstances, waive the Sub-District requirement for a player who is unable to play in a Sub-District due to conflicts with qualifying and competing in the Junior World National Championship in San Diego. In that case the WJGA Junior World Qualifier may count as fulfilling the player’s Sub-District requirement.  


Lauryn Nguyen
Gihoe Seo
Kennedy Knox
Hannah Elaimy
Montgomery Ferreira
Jillian Hui
Grace Lee
Suzie Tran
Claire Xu
Amber Li


Jahan Bains
John Kim
Ethan Evans
Conrad Chisman
Cole Reynolds
Akshay Anand
Rex Wilson
Jeff Seong
Nathan Yocam
Brock Maulding
Baylor Larrabee

Open Exemptions

Deadline to Register is 11:59pm on the following dates:

Western Open: March 1st
Eastern Open: March 29th
Players Open: March 29th

Exempt For All

Boys                                                                Girls

Jahan Bains Max Herendeen Lauryn Nguyen Grace Lee
John Kim Alexander Knox Gihoe Seo Suzie Tran
Ethan Evans Payson Atkinson Kennedy Knox Gigi Lund
Conrad Chisman Kevin Hollomon Anastacia Johnson Wenna Zhang
Cole Reynolds Isaac Elaimy Hannah Elaimy Kami Twining
Tommy Kimmel Alexander Cooke Montgomery Ferreira Amber Li
Dalton Dean Brayden Miles Angela Park Jillian Hui
Arnav Mittal Wesley Salimian Anna Davis  
Daniel Kim Logan Medcalf
Zachary Miller Carter Sheets

Exempt for Individual Events based on previous year’s tournament results

Western Open –
16-18 Boys & Girls: Ben Borgida, Max Burns, Kaily Bass, Emersyn Walker
14-15 Boys & Girls: Evan Chen, Rex Wilson, Baylor Larrabee, Nicole Kato, Jillian Breedlove, Bernice Stolte, Morgan Lee

Eastern Open –
16-18 Boys & Girls: Cole Jaworski, Elias Malakoff, Ronny Kildall, Brooke Gelinas, Emersyn Walker, Taylor Mularski Makena Mehlert
14-15 Boys & Girls: Rex Wilson, Colton Zehnder, Brandon Yoon, Davis Sheets, Sanjana Chalasani, Kiana Schroeder, Triana Fernando

Players Open –
16-18 Boys & Girls: Trent Colombe, Max Burns, Matthew Durkin, Ashay Manocha, Mats Lund, Cameron Hulbert, Ronny Kildall, Makena Mehlert, Lauren Greeny, Elizabeth Dolan, Brigitte Fenton, Emersyn Walker, Cynthia Lu
14-15 Boys & Girls: Ben Jones, Baylor Larrabee, Rex Wilson, Una Johnson, Jillian Breedlove, Charlotte Giffin

Match Play – Championship Flight Qualifiers from Previous Year
Boys: Burly Hildreth, Hogan Warford, Bode Broadus, Cameron Hulbert, Elias Malakoff,
Girls: Lily McCauley, Lucena Villasenor, Olivia Ty, Karin Yoshida, Kasey Maralack