Code Of Conduct

2023 Code of Conduct

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Washington Junior Golf Association provides a worthwhile activity, which can be pursued throughout life and which helps develop character and good sportsmanship. All WJGA and Junior World qualifying competitions are conducted under the Rules of Golf. In addition, the following Code of Conduct policy applies, which is a guideline for junior golfers to follow both on and off the course:

    1. Unsportsmanlike conduct examples: Deliberately cheating, deliberate unreported Rules of Golf violation, swearing, obscene vulgar language or gestures, throwing clubs, displaying poor attitude.
    2. Prohibited to use: Smoking or use of any tobacco product, alcohol, PED’s or controlled substances (unless medically authorized).
    1. Proper examples: Replace divots, repair ball marks, rake bunkers and use proper containers for garbage, and taking push carts around teeing grounds.
    2. Improper examples: Damaging greens, defacing or destroying club property, littering, leaving divots or ball marks unrepaired, failure to rake bunkers, etc.
  3. ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES ARE PROHIBITED FOR USE ON THE GOLF COURSE BY PLAYERS, with the exception of devices that measure distance only (DMD’s) and medically approved devices. Cell phone use is prohibited thus cell phone distance measuring devices will NOT be allowed.


First Infraction Warning
Second Infraction 1-stroke penalty
Third Infraction 2-stroke penalty
Fourth Infraction DISQUALIFICATION from event, next schedule event, and potentially the rest of the year
Note: Disqualification can preempt warning if violation is flagrant. All Code of Conduct violations will carry over to each event for that player for the entire WJGA season.
Penalty for unauthorized practice round (i.e. sneaking on the golf course) – DQ from that tournament   

WJGA Dress Code Policy

Golf attire for players (volunteers and walking scorers are encouraged to follow the WJGA dress code and to be a role model with regard to their choice of golf course attire):

    Neat and clean clothing, shoes, sleeves and collars on shirts. Collarless shirts designed for golf are acceptable. All hats must be worn bill forward.
    Boys: Shirts must be tucked in at all times and pants/shorts must be khaki, cotton or similar traditional golf material.
    Girls: Shirts and blouses may be either collarless or sleeveless and must be golf-appropriate. No bare midriff showing. Pants, capri pants, shorts, skorts and skirts on girls that are appropriate for golf and worn as the manufacturer intended are acceptable.
    NOTE: If the host club dress code policy is more restrictive than the WJGA policy, all WJGA contestants and gallery must adhere to the host club dress code policy.
  2. IMPROPER ATTIRE Athletic shorts, short shorts, tee shirts, tank tops, jeans (denim of any color), cut-offs, sweats, spandex, yoga attire, jeggings, leggings and halter-tops.

If unable or unwilling to abide by the WJGA Dress Code Policy the player will not be able to play that event.

WJGA Player Procedures

  • Caddies or motorized carts are NOT permitted – Penalty: Two strokes for each occurrence. Disqualification may be imposed for repeat offenses. Pull carts are ok.
  • WD Policy: A player must notify their Tournament Director or WJGA staff (not the golf course) of a withdrawal.
  • No Show Policy: Failure to give notice of withdrawal at least 48 hours in advance (unavoidable emergencies may preclude penalty) may result in the player being Disqualified from the next WJGA event in which the player is entered, including WJGA State, District or Junior World Qualifier. Discontinuance of play “Picking up, quitting” without the permission of the Tournament Director before play is officially ended, the player is Disqualified and automatically ineligible for the next WJGA event in which the player is entered.
  • Pace of Play: Players/Groups delaying play (slow play) will be warned by an official to regain position within a fixed amount of time. If the player or group fail to regain position they will be liable to timing. A player may be subject to penalty if when it is their turn to play they are observed to require in excess of 40 seconds for two separate shots. Penalty: 1st & 2nd violation: warning. 3rd violation: 1-stroke penalty. 4th violation: 2-stroke penalty. 5th violation: DQ
  • Scoring: After the player has signed and attested his/her scorecard and has left the scoring table or the designated scoring area, cards are considered to be officially returned and no changes made unless authorized by Rule 3.3b(3).

Walking Scorer Rules

  • Parents of players ages 8-13 MUST BE (or provide) a walking sorer (16 yrs or older) every WJGA tournament round their child plays.  Players may be forced to withdraw if no walking scorer is provided.
  • Make sure all rulings are done by a WJGA Rules Official.  Please call the phone number listed on your walking scorer card.
  • Do not interfere with a Rules Official making a ruling unless it is to confirm how many penalty strokes are applied.
  • Coaching of any kind is prohibited.
  • Please give your child space and limit excessive conversation.
  • Keep the players safe and moving.
  • Confirm scores after each hole.
  • If you observe a spectator or another walking scorer in your group is violating the rules, please contact a rules official as soon as you can.

WJGA Gallery Rules

  • Spectators are encouraged to forecaddie (stand in landing area and watch balls) and must stay up with, or ahead of the group they are following. Standing behind your group can delay play behind you.
  • Galleries must keep their distance from players on the course and until players leave the scoring area (25 yards, walk in rough or on cart path).
  • Coaching of any kind is prohibited. Parents may bring food/drinks, clothing, etc. to players but must do so without excessive conversation.
  • Abuse, harassment or interference with volunteers or officials will not be tolerated.
  • Talking on mobile devices or use of noise making electronic devices is prohibited. Texting is allowed if the phone is silenced.
  • Spectator carts will not be allowed unless a handicap placard or official doctor’s note is provided. Temporary injury may not be a valid reason for a spectator cart. Only carts authorized by the Committee will be allowed on the course.
  • No alcoholic beverages allowed outside the restaurant areas. WJGA events are a smoke-free environment. Smoking, vaping or use of any tobacco product is only allowed off course or in the parking lot.
  • Dress Code for Gallery: All spectators, family members and others must observe the dress code of the course being played and encouraged to follow the WJGA Dress Code Policy.


First Infraction Warning
Second Infraction Walking scorer or spectator asked to leave the course and will be refused future privileges for the rest of the season.  If person refuses to leave, the player may be DISQUALIFIED from the tournament being played  or suspended indefinitely from future WJGA events.