Tournament Info

All competitors in WJGA sponsored tournaments will be expected to conform to the WJGA code of conduct at all times. In particular, players and their parents should be aware of, and in

Registration at the State Championship is an “experience” all players that have qualified and earned a spot will want to have. Plan on it!

conformance with, the following specific items:

  • Arrival time: Best use of your time is to arrive at least 30 minutes before tee time.
  • Walking Scorer Policy: Parents of players ages 8-13 MUST BE (or provide) a walking scorer (16 yrs or older) in every event/round in which the player participates. Players may be forced to withdraw if no walking scorer is provided.
  • Caddies or motorized carts are NOT permitted 
  • Withdrawal Policy: A player must notify their Tournament Director or WJGA staff (not the golf course) of a withdrawal a minimum of 48 hours prior to the tournament (48 hours is defined as from the beginning, or first tee time of the tournament). On-time withdrawal will not affect the player’s future WJGA eligibility.
  • No Show Policy: Failure to give notice of withdrawal at least 48 hours in advance (unavoidable emergencies may preclude penalty) may result in the player being Disqualified from the next WJGA event in which the player is entered, including WJGA State, District or Junior World Qualifier. Discontinuance of play “Picking up, quitting” without the permission of the Tournament Director before play is officially ended, the player is Disqualified and automatically ineligible for the next WJGA event in which the player is entered.
  • Pace of Play: Players/Groups delaying play (slow play) will be warned by an official to regain position within a fixed amount of time. If the player or group fail to regain position they will be liable to timing. A player may be subject to penalty if when it is their turn to play they are observed to require in excess of 40 seconds for two separate shots. Penalty: 1st & 2nd violation: warning. 3rd violation: 1-stroke penalty. 4th violation: 2-stroke penalty. 5th violation: DQ
  • Scoring: After the player has signed and attested his/her scorecard and has left the scoring table or the designated scoring area, cards are considered to be officially returned and no changes made unless authorized by Rule 3.3b(3).

The Players Open, May 20/21, 2023 at Liberty Lake GC!

2023 State Championship host course Moses Lake G&CC, assisted by The Links at Moses Pointe and Lakeview G&CC

April 15/16, 2023 at Capitol City GC. Open to all current WJGA members.

April 29 - 30, at Vets Memorial, 2023. Eligibility: - open to all current WJGA Members

Current year USGA qualifying sites in Washington and important details