State Championship 2021

2021 WJGA State Championship

Glendale CC Host Aug 3-5 Tues – Thurs
Willows Run – Eagles Talon
Assisting 14-18’s Aug 3-4 Tues – Wed
Bellevue GC Assisting 8-13’s
Aug 3-4 Tues – Wed

State Entry Form 2021

State Championship – Live Scoring

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Wednesday, August 4th – Round 2 Tee Times
Round 2 Tee Times – Glendale CC (Boys 16-18 & Girls 14-15)

Round 2B Tee Times – Willows Run – Eagles Talon (Girls 16-18 & Boys 14-15)

Round 2C Tee Times – Bellevue GC (Boys & Girls 8-11 and 12-13)

2021 Registration Info

Registration – no registration per COVID

Boys – alternates from each district will be used through Sunday Aug 1st.
Girls – alternates for the girls will be assigned by Executive Director, Tyler Johnsen, from a statewide pool through Sunday, Aug 1st. BEGINNING Aug 2nd – alternates for both boys and girls will be used from the Host District (2).

2021 Players Buffet

This year’s Players Dinner canceled per COVID

2021 Basis of Play

18-holes of stroke play for all players on Tuesday, Aug 3rd and Wednesday, Aug. 4th and then Thursday, Aug. 5th for all players that make the cut.

The 16-18 Boys and the 14-15 Girls will play Willows Run on Tuesday and Glendale on Wednesday.

The 14-15 Boys and the 16-18 Girls will play Glendale on Tuesday and Willows Run on Wednesday.

Boys and Girls 8-11 and 12-13 divisions will play both Tuesday and Wednesday at Bellevue GC. On Thursday, the 8-11 and 12-13 division players that make the cut will play the final round at Glendale.

The field will be cut for Thursday play on the following basis:

Division Cut
Boys 16-18 Low 19 and ties
Boys 14-15 Low 15 and ties
Boys 12-13 Low 9 and ties
Boys 8-11 Low 9 and ties
Girls 16-18 Low 11 and ties
Girls 14-15 Low 7 and ties
Girls 12-13 Low 5 and ties
Girls 8-11 Low 5 and ties
2021 Hotels


As the availability of hotels in this area is so abundant, we will not be obtaining a room block this year.,


Trophies will be awarded as follows:

Boys 16-18 8 places Girls 16-18 7 places
Boys 14-15 7 places Girls 14-15 6 places
Boys 12-13 6 places Girls 12-13 5 places
Boys 8-11 6 places Girls 8-11 5 places

Ties for first place in all divisions decided by sudden death playoff; all other ties will be honored (e.g. a two-way tie for 2nd: payoff would be two second place trophies and no third) In the combined 14-15 and 16-18 divisions individual trophies will be awarded to the low four boys from one district and to the low three girls from one district.  The overall State Champions may come from either the 14-15 or the 16-18 divisions.

Gallery Rules

Proper golf etiquette is expected.
Please be a role model for our juniors

  1. Galleries will be permitted.  Players are held responsible for the action of their families, relatives or friends.
  2. Galleries must keep their distance from players on the course and until players leave the attesting area. (25 yards-walk in rough)  No Coaching Allowed.
  3. Abuse (including abuse of cell phone restrictions), harassment or interference with volunteers or officials will not be tolerated.
  4. Talking on cell phones or other similar devices or use of noise making electronic devices is prohibited.
  5. Spectator carts will not be allowed.  Only official carts authorized by the Committee will be allowed on the course.
  6. No alcoholic beverages allowed at WJGA events.
  7. We are a non-smoking event, please do not smoke.

Dress Code for Gallery

All spectators, family members and others, must observe the dress code of the course being played.  Fircrest is a private course, and so please observe the WJGA dress code policy.  Thank you!

1.  First offense — warning and asked to change clothes  (warnings will carry throughout the entire season)

2. Second offense – 1 stroke penalty

3. Third offense – 2 stroke penalty

4.  Fourth offense — person asked to leave the course and may be refused future gallery privileges.  If person refuses to leave, the player may be DISQUALIFIED from the tournament being played or suspended indefinitely from future WJGA events.

Note:  DISQUALIFICATION can preempt warning if the violation is flagrant.


Canceled per COVID

Future Sites


2022 WJGA State Championship

Semiahmoo G&CC Host Tues – Thurs Aug 2 – 4, 2022
Loomis Trail GC Assist (14-18) Tues-Wed Aug 2-3, 2022
North Bellingham GC Host (8-13) Tues-Wed Aug 2-3, 2022
2020 State Championship Results

2020 State Champions

Boys 16-18
Ethan Evans
Girls 16-18
Lauryn Nguyen
Boys 14-15
Conrad Chisman
Girls 14-15
Anna Davis
Boys 12-13
Jeff Seong
Girls 12-13
Amanda Nguyen
Boys 8-11
Justin Krasselt
Girls 8-11
Angela Zhang

2020 final results

2019 State Championship Results

2019 State Champions
*overall champion

Boys 16-18
Preston Bebich
Girls 16-18
Lauryn Nguyen
Boys 14-15
*Akshay Anand
Girls 14-15
*Lily McCauley
Boys 12-13
Conrad Chisman
Girls 12-13
Suzie Tran
Boys 8-11
Zach Huang
Girls 8-11
Amanda Nguyen

Akshay Anand and Lily McCauley. 2019 State Champions

2019 final results

2018 State Championship Results

Clayton Thatcher and Adithi Anand winners in 2018!

Round 3 Final Results 2018

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-> Select year 2017-2018

2018 State Champions

Boys 16-18
Clayton Thatcher
Girls 16-18
Adithi Anand
Boys 14-15
Daniel Kim
Girls 14-15
Lauryn Nguyen
Boys 12-13
Max Herendeen
Girls 12-13
Sanjana Chalasani
Boys 8-11
Wilson Dicks
Girls 8-11
Amanda Nguyen
2017 State Championship Results

Round 3 Final Results

Purchase State pictures here – click on Recent Washington Events then go into WJGA State Championship

Kato and Nguyen, overall State Champions

Sean Kato of Redmond fired a final round of 4-under par 68 to win the overall boys title at the 41st Annual WJGA State Championship held at Meadow Springs Country Club in Richland, Wash. His three day total of 11-under par 205 gave him a two-shot victory over Alvin Kwak of Mukilteo.

On the girls side, Lauryn Nguyen of Seattle defeated Therese Warner of Kennewick with a birdie on the 1st playoff hole to capture the overall girls title at 3-under par 213. Nguyen overcame at 7-shot deficit coming into the final round and used a steady even par 72 to mount her comeback.

In all 258 boys and girls competed over three days to determine boys and girls state champions in age divisions of 8-11, 12-13, 14-15 and 16-18. The field is cut to roughly 85 total players after two rounds.

2017 State Champions

Boys 16-18
Sean Kato
Girls 16-18
Therese Warner
Boys 14-15
Drew Warford
Girls 14-15
Lauryn Nguyen
Boys 12-13
Ethan Evans
Girls 12-13
Angela Park
Boys 8-11
Billy Davis
Girls 8-11
Anna Davis