Girls Junior Americas Cup Team (GJAC) 2021 – July 18 – 22, Banbury GC in Boise, Idaho.

Our GJAC team captured the gold in 2019! Historical! Taylor Koch, Cassie Kim, Adithi Anand and Grace Lee!

Boys Junior Americas Cup Team (JAC) 2021 – Powder Horn Golf Club
Sheridan, WY – July 26 – 29

Washington Junior Golf Association welcomes junior golfers who live in Northern Idaho and in Umatilla County, Oregon. These players are a key part of WJGA, and some may wish to represent Washington on our teams. Those teams are the Boys and Girls Junior Americas Cup, the Hogan Cup and the North Pacific Junior Ladies Team Matches.

Any player who is a resident of Idaho or Oregon, and will be attempting to make any of those teams, must declare at the BEGINNING OF THE SEASON if they wish to represent their state of residence or Washington. That declaration may be made to the District Tournament Director or directly to the WJGA office at Boys and girls playing in the 14-15 or 16-18 divisions will be eligible to earn points.  To be eligible for teams or for the Player of the Year Award, the player must play in at least one WJGA sub-district event in 2021.

WJGA Teams will be selected as follows:

Boys and Girls Junior America’s Cup (4 Players)

These teams will be selected based on combined total points earned at the following events:

  • IMG Academy Junior World State Qualifier
  • Best two of three finishes at the Western Open, the Eastern Open and The Players Open.
    Contestants may play in all three events, but for points and team selection purposes, only the best finishes of two of the three events will be used.
Hogan Cup – Boys

(4 players) Due to the dates of this year’s Hogan Cup, this team will be chosen immediately following the conclusion of the WJGA State Championship, and based on the top four boys on the overall statewide points list. Boys playing on the JAC team will not be eligible to play in the Hogan Cup.

North Pacific Junior Ladies – May 2021

(6 players) This team will be selected on total points earned for the entire 2020 season. In 2021 this event will be hosted by Washington at Hawks Prairie Links and Woodlands courses.  In order to be eligible for selection, players must be a confirmed member of WJGA for the 2021 season and signed up to play in at least one WJGA sub district event.

WJGA Cup – (4 players per District) Teams chosen immediately following the District and US Jr Nationals.  Teams will consist of the top-2 point earning boys and girls from each district.  

Player of the Year Awards (boys and girls) will be selected on play over the entire season, including points earned at the Boys and Girls Junior America’s Cup events.  This award will be presented at the WJGA Cup.