WJGA Announces 2017 Changes

WJGA Announces 2017 Changes
Authored by Tyler Johnsen with Comments Off on WJGA Announces 2017 Changes| Junior Golf

The WJGA is happy to announce some exciting and significant changes coming in 2017.

The first change being that the WJGA has increased its age limit to 18 years old beginning in 2017. Next year and going forward, WJGA will be open to 8-18 year olds and the oldest WJGA age division for boys and girls will be 16-18 years old.

The USGA has also increased their age limit to 18 years old for their Junior Amateurs, and both the Boys’ and Girls’ Junior Americas Cup, and the IMG Academy Junior World National Championship have all followed suit. The Hogan Cup, and North Pacific Junior Ladies Matches will hold votes later this fall but we expect 18-year olds to be eligible for all WJGA teams going forward.

Another very important change is happening to the date that determines your age for WJGA purposes for the entire calendar year. A players’ age on August 1st will now determine what WJGA age division they will play in for that year. This date falls more closely in line with the WJGA State Championship than the traditional June 1st date, and will also prevent 19-year olds from playing in District events. This change will effect several WJGA members, but the new August 1st date fits with WJGA’s current calendar.

The WJGA is also excited to announce another spring Open event, the WJGA Players Open which will be played the weekend of May 20-21, 2017. We anticipate this event to be an AJGA performance star event and it will also be a WJGA performance points earning event. A player may now earn points in their best two of three finishes at WJGA Open events (Western, Eastern, Players).

With this additional event, the Junior Americas Cup teams will now be chosen on points earned at WJGA Open events (Best 2 of 3), the USGA Junior Qualifiers held in WJGA territory, and the WJGA Junior World Qualifier.

Next year the Hogan Cup, PNGA Juniors and WJGA Tournament of Champions will also be added as WJGA performance points events, and the WJGA Players of the Year will be awarded at the WJGA Tournament of Champions in late August.

Finally, a change was made to the 12-13 boys and girls division at the WJGA State Championship only. We will no longer have walking scorers with this age division at the WJGA State Championship.

Please feel free to contact the WJGA office at anytime with any questions on the new policies.